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Panthenol 100% Powder,Ubiquinol,D-Panthenol,Pro B5,pro B5 Powder,Moisturizer, antioxidant, softener in skin

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  • Origin: Mainland China


Panthenol 100% Powder, English name is ubiquinol, alias: pro B5, pro B5, ubiquinol, d-panthenol. Another name of panthenol is panthalinol. It is an all transparent liquid, which will have an exciting smell. The anti oxidant, which has no effect on the safety of cosmetics for pregnant women, has no effect on acne. 1. It is an anti oxidant. It is safe to use it in cosmetics.


Skin care effect and efficacy of panthenol


1. Skin conditioning: panthenol and B6 are absorbed by the skin after being used together, which can increase the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin and promote the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat in the human body.


2. Strong moisturizing: the molecular weight of panthenol is small, so it can effectively penetrate into the stratum corneum, moisturize the stratum corneum on the skin surface, and play a strong moisturizing role.


3. Improve skin roughness: panthenol can effectively improve skin roughness and make skin soft.


4. Hair care: panthenol has many effects, which are often added to shampoo and conditioner. Panthenol can enter the interior of hair, improve hair luster, reduce hair bifurcation, repair damaged hair and continuously moisturize hair.


5. Nail care: panthenol can increase hydration and improve the flexibility of nails.


6. Anti inflammatory effect: panthenol can stimulate the growth of epithelial cells, promote wound healing and play an anti-inflammatory role.



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