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Procolored 0.5KG 1KG Hot Melt Powder For Direct DTF Transfer Film Printing Printer


  • Model Number: Powder for DTF
  • Brand Name: procolored
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Powder
Product name:DTF Polyamide Adhensive Powder 500g/1000g
White material suggest uer white powder , Black  marterial suggest use Black P

Product description:

1. Main material: thermoplastic resin adhesive/Polyamide

2. Melting point: 95~105 degrees

3. Curing method: powder hot melt

4. Melting temperature: 150~160 degrees

5. Specification particle size: 80um

6. Heating time: 10~15 seconds


1. Low temperature, good elasticity, strong adhesion fastness

2. Washing resistance

3. Non-bleeding, environmental friendly, have excellent bonding function for elastic fabrics

Storage method:  Store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep tightly closed


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